Brainfreeze (Titan Souls)

Brain Freeze (TSB2TSR2TSA2TSI2TSN2TSF2TSR2TSE2TSE2TSZ2TSE2), known as the Brain of the Guardian, is a Titan you encounter in Titan Souls. It can be found in the beginning area through the door on the right. Unlike most other Titans Brainfreeze is one of five Titans who has two phases.


Brainfreeze is a giant brain-like monster inside of a massive ice cube. When provoked, Brainfreeze will slide toward you until bouncing off the walls. It may also jump in the air to crush you. On the arena floor, there are four buttons in each cardinal direction. When one of these buttons is pressed (by Brainfreeze), a flame spews from the center of the arena. To defeat Brainfreeze you must send an arrow through the flame, melting the ice around Brainfreeze and allowing you to shoot it directly. Be careful, however; it can still jump and crush you in this form while moving much faster.


  • Brainfreeze, unlike most of the other entities in Titan Souls, is actually a 3-Dimensionally rendered cube, like Eye Cube.
  • Its name is a pun referring to the nicknamed sensation associated with eating cold foods.
  • Like other organic Titans, (e.g. Sludge Heart and Vinethesis) Brainfreeze will shrink and turn brown in death.

Related Achievments Edit

  • First Blood: Slay a Titan
  • Brain Freeze: Kill the Titan with a flaming arrow.

Video Edit

Titan Souls Boss - Brainfreeze

Titan Souls Boss - Brainfreeze


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