Cubo Óptico - Olho do Guardião (Titan Souls)

Eyecube (TSE2TSY2TSE2TSC2TSU2TSB2TSE2), known as the Eye of the Guardian, is a Titan you encounter in Titan Souls. It can be found in the beginning area through the door on the left.


Eyecube is a giant glowing dice-like monster with an eye on one of the six sides. Eyecube will move towards your direction after being agitated. It moves in intervals of four, and then fires a giant laser in the direction the eye is facing. If its eye is facing the ground, it will shoot a laser directly under it, causing it to leap high in the air; the best time to strike is after it has leapt in the air like this. Try to get it in a corner, and let it leap up into the air, and afterwards move in a straight line away from it, causing it to face you after the third roll. Even if you miss the opportunity, it will be facing the ground on its fourth roll, and you can still repeat the process.


  • Eyecube, unlike most of the other entities in Titan Souls, is actually a 3-Dimensionally rendered cube, like Brainfreeze.

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Titan Souls Boss - Eyecube

Titan Souls Boss - Eyecube


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