Gol-Hevel (TSG2TSO2TSL2TSDash2TSH2TSE2TSV2TSE2TSL2), known as the Murdered Guardian of the Second Gate, is a Titan you encounter in a graveyard of Titan Souls.

Easy way to win Edit

If you shoot your arrow to the right of Gol-Hevel and then move to the utermost left to him and then make your arrow return even after he gets up it hits him from behind. This sometimes makes you die but it does work.


  • Gol-Hevel was originally named Gol-Abel in the Titan Souls beta.
  • Due to his description as the murdered guardian of the second gate, it is implied that Gol-Hevel and Gol-Qayin were both guardians of the second gate before Gol-Qayin betrayed and murdered Gol-Hevel, hence why he is located in the graveyard.

Video Edit

Titan Souls Boss - Gol-hevel01:04

Titan Souls Boss - Gol-hevel

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