Gol-Iath (Titan Souls)

Gol-Iath (TSG2TSO2TSL2TSDash2TSI2TSA2TST2TSH2), known as the Guardian of the First Gate, is the final Titan you encounter in the beginning area of Titan Souls. It can be found through the center door, up the first set of stairs.


Gol-Iath is a large golem-like ancient statue, missing an eye and a lower half. When aggravated, it will begin throwing one of its stone hands at you to crush you, while the other covers its chest. Inside its chest is a glowing red gem, which is its weak spot. The easiest way to kill Gol-Iath is by going at it from a far angle, so that when the hand decides to retreat (triggered by changing sides), you have a larger opening to attack. Do not move in close to Gol-Iath, as it hands slide back towards it, being able to push you into unwanted situations.

Trivia Edit

  • If you fire at Gol-Iath from the back of the arena, and quickly roll out of it, you can trigger the fight while being outside of the area. You can then call your arrow back to you while behind Gol-Iath, and get the "Shadow Of The Colossus" achievement.
  • Judging by the battle scars of Gol-Iath, it can be surmised that the other three bosses of the intro area were all created from his missing parts... Sludgeheart from his heart, Eyecube from his eye, and Brainfreeze from his brain.
  • A Gol-Iath prototype from 2013 was shown off in the Steam description.

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(Above) Gol-Iath (Below) Prototype Gol-Iath

Prototype Gol-Iath

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Titan Souls Boss - Gol-Iath

Titan Souls Boss - Gol-Iath


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