Gol-Qayin (TSG2TSO2TSL2TSDash2TSQ2TSA2TSY2TSI2TSN2), known as the Disgraced Guardian of the Second Gate, is a skull-shaped cube with two flails as arms. It is a Titan you encounter in the lava arena in Titan Souls.

Strategy Edit

The best way to defeat Gol-Qayin is easy, will secure you an achievement but takes a bit longer than satisfactory. Gol-Qayin has two attacks: his basic crawl, which will attack wherever you were standing when the attack started, and his spin attack, which activates once you make him spin enough. Once you start the fight, bring back the arrow or leave it, it doesn't really matter, and run away from him to give you some space. when he attacks you, roll under where his mace is going to land so that you are behind him. This will cause him to spin around and face you. Do this multiple times until he starts his spin attack. The moment he starts up his spin, run to the nearest corner and wait for him to get to you. Do not be scared, his attacks can't hurt you in the corners. Now just wait for him to stop spinning or time your diagonal shot perfectly to get the kill and, if you got him while he was spinning, the achievement

Video Edit

Titan Souls Boss - Gol-qayin

Titan Souls Boss - Gol-qayin



  • Gol-Qayin was originally named Iron Knuckle in the Titan Souls beta.
  • Due to him being referred to as the disgraced guardian of the second gate, it is implied that Gol-Qayin betrayed and murdered Gol-Hevel, which is why he is separated from his body and imprisoned in the fire area.
  • This idea is further supported by their names. 'Qayin' is a Romanization of the Hebrew name for Cain, the first murderer in the Old Testament, while 'Hevel' is a Romanization of the Hebrew name for Abel, Cain's victim and brother. In further support of this theory, Gol-Hevel was originally known as Gol-Abel in the beta version of the game.
  • If you walk South from the save point down a narrow bridge, you can see what seems to be Gol-Qayin's body.


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