Gol-Set's arena and the inactive Gol-Set.

Gol-Set (TSG2TSO2TSL2TSDash2TSS2TSE2TST2), known as the Guardian of the Eternal Gate, is a Titan found in Titan Souls.

Description Edit

Gol-Set is the final Titan before The Soul. Gol-Set is found on a small pedestal, found atop the endgame tower, blocking the stairway to the endgame boss. Gol-Set appears to be a newer, upgraded model of Gol-Iath, covered in intricate designs that will glow pink when the buttons are charged. In the arena floor are two large button panels wired to the pedestal the titan towers above; these are the key to it's defeat.


Gol-Set does not need provocation to begin the fight, it will immediately engage combat once The Player gets within close range.

  • Gol-Set will attempt to smash The Player with the stone fist closest to them five times until the fists freeze in the spot they smashed onto for a short moment. Gol-Set will also use very fast-moving eye-beam laser attacks while using the fists to attack. The first laser attack will point directly at The Player's current position, and trace a line towards their direction. The second laser attack starts at a point above the left floor button, arcing in a half-circle through both buttons, and ending on a parallel position on the arena's right side. The third laser attack follows the same motion, but in reverse. Gol-Set will repeat these three attacks during the battle.
  • The Player has to entice Gol-Set to leave one of its hands on each of the button panels located in the arena. If successful, Gol-Set will quickly attack three times, using alternating fists regardless of the player's position. On the second attack, Gol-Set's weak point will open, which is a pink circle on its chest. On the third attack, a wide, straight laser blast will come out of its weak point, and a moment later the weak point will close, forcing the player to restart the process. The amount of times the fists pound the ground after the restart shortens from 5 to 3.

Video Edit

Titan Souls Gol-Set Boss Fight 17

Titan Souls Gol-Set Boss Fight 17


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