Obello (Titan Souls)

Obello (TSO2TSB2TSE2TSL2TSL2TSO2), known as the Malformed Hallucinogenic Fungus, is an over-sized mushroom. It is a Titan you encounter in the Lost Woods of Titan Souls. It is found from the checkpoint area by going left, up, up. Or just follow the pink mushrooms.

Description Edit

Obello is an absurdly large, purple polka-spotted mushroom. When awake, it has a pale-tan stalk that sports a large pink eyeball on one side. It will at first be non-aggressive to the player, resting/sleeping in its arena until it is shot. Obello will then leap into the air, starting to attack.

Strategy Edit

Obello's eye is, of course, its target weakness. It is located near the bottom of the stalk. However, Obello is constantly spinning in battle, making the eye that much more difficult to hit.

  • Obello attacks with physical force and chemical warfare. In battle it will hop around the arena, chasing the player in an attempt to smash them underfoot, sending out four spores and rotating 45º with each landing. The spores will fly out in straight directions before shortly exploding in a gas cloud. A purple spore from Obello's eye and green spores from Obello's left, right, and back.
  • Direct contact with the spores is deadly, but they also emit a hallucinogenic trail behind them. If you touch the trail, you will be temporarily drugged, which distorts your vision and hearing. The hallucinogenic effect also seems to slightly slow down time giving you a slight advantage. This has no known gameplay effect outside of Hard Mode.
  • Every so often, Obello will repeatedly and rapidly jump in place, releasing spores in eight directions at once.


  • Obello was originally named Fun-Gol in the Titan Souls beta.
  • Obello's name comes from portobello, a mushroom species.
  • Like Sludge Heart and Brain Freeze, Obello's corpse will turn brown and shrink in size.
  • In Hard Mode, Obello's eye is only visible when drugged.

Video Edit

Titan Souls Boss - Obello

Titan Souls Boss - Obello


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