Sludgeheart at the beginning of the dungeon.

Sludge Heart (TSS2TSL2TSU2TSD2TSG2TSE2TSH2TSE2TSA2TSR2TST2), known as the Heart of the Guardian (TSH2TSE2TSA2TSR2TST2TSF2TSF2TSH2TSH2TSE2TSU2TSU2TSA2), is a giant heart encased in slime. It is one of the first Titans you encounter in Titan Souls. It can be found through the very first center door. Sludge Heart is the only Titan possessing five phases.


Sludge Heart will start off as one giant mass of slime and slowly try to jump on you and crush you. After Sludge is hit with your arrow once, it splits into two smaller balls of slime (Three if on Hard Mode). This process repeats, and the speed of Sludge's parts increases. This process only ends until the heart inside the slime emerges. The heart is very slow compared to the rest of the slime, and the easiest way to beat Sludge is by attacking the heart itself as fast as possible, avoiding any unnecessary shooting.

Trivia Edit

  • Sludge Heart requires the most arrow shots to beat; it takes five shots in total to separate the heart from all the slime and slay it.
  • In Hard Mode, every time Sludge Heart is split, it will split into three blobs instead of two.
  • Like other organic Titans, (e.g. Vinethesis or Obello) the heart will shrink and turn brown after death.

Related Achievements Edit

  • First Blood - Slay a Titan.
  • Slimeball - Kill the Sludge Heart with no more possible divisions.

Titan Souls Boss - Sludgeheart

Titan Souls Boss - Sludgeheart


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