Truth is the final Titan of the game unlocked only after defeating The Soul and every other titan in the game. Defeating this boss results in the Truth unlockable, where all titan names are translated on a second playthrough.

Strategy Edit

Phase One Edit

Truth will appear to the player out of nowhere, rapidly spinning in place. It will ascend into the air, split apart into it's separate rings, and attempt to roll/smash the player from horizontal and vertical directions. Both sections will bounce off the walls and back into each other, where the spinning begins again.

  • Truth's purple target core must be shot once it's rolling attacks are avoided.
  • The only real strategy for this boss is what is know as the north wall exploit, hug the north wall and the wheel with the eye of truth will only bounce, and not roll.

Phase Two Edit

Once hit the first time, the arena will expand, and Truth's rings will remain separated. Instead, they will be distanced from the player, slowly circling around them. During this time, teardrop-shaped enemies will spawn and travel to and from the rings. There are three types that will spawn.

  • Small eyeball enemies. Passive. Act as obstacles, as they will kill on touch.
  • Larger enemies with mouths. They will chase the player in attempt to eat them; they can be shot with the arrow.
  • Truth's eye core. It will pretend to act like a passive enemy, and can be hard to hit if not noticed soon enough. It is larger than the rest and has a purple iris.

Phase Three Edit

Briefly stunned, Truth will pause, motionless. One by one, four grotesque, spindly legs will sprout from it's core, and it will begin stalking the player.

  • Truth will periodically open its eye to emit a series of three laser beams that will follow the player. This is your chance to shoot it for the last time.
  • More enemies begin spawning; your best bet is to keep running from them until you can make the killing shot on Truth.


  • Truth is the only Titan who has three phases.
  • Truth's first form bears a striking resemblance to Ophanim angels.
  • In the cutscenes at the start and end of the fight, some mirrored text in Titanese is written around Truth's iris:


  • In the ending cutscene, lots of text is seen orbiting around and being absorbed into the protagonist. It translates to:


Video Edit

Titan Souls Truth Secret Final Boss02:14

Titan Souls Truth Secret Final Boss

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