Vinethesis (TSV2TSI2TSN2TSE2TST2TSH2TSE2TSS2TSI2TSS2), known as the Poison Flower, is a colossal flower-like beast. It is a Titan you encounter in the forest of Titan Souls. Vinethesis is one of five Titans possessing two phases.

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Titan Souls Boss - Vinethesis

Titan Souls Boss - Vinethesis



Strange Tablet

Dark Vinethesis

Fighting Dark Vinethesis


  • Vinethesis is the only Titan known to have two different titles.
  • On hard mode, if you go Up-Right-Right-Up before making your way to Vinethesis, you will instead find a dark version of Vinethesis.
  • A strange tablet can be found in the forest depicting what looks like a meteor crashing into Vinethesis, causing it to grow in size.


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